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Mornia Mu Online

From the times when the mysterious order of Dark Knights were ruling the Mu Online continent aided by Dark Wizards and graceful Norian elves it is said that Mornia Mu Online offers the best gaming environment for any MU Online lover.

Not so long ago the peace of the lands controlled by the supreme commander of the great armies, The Dark Lord, was shattered by yet a new and more powerful warrior. It is said that the warrior who shall master the astonishing powers or the Summoner shall be entitled to the crown of Mornia Mu Online ! With its balanced gameplay , high xp system , live PvP and ever-growing community this MU Online server offers you a journey through a mystical 3D Medieval world which has never stopped creating wonders for its inhabitants.

In the present days the battle for the Mu Online throne is still ongoing and Mornia is waiting its king.

Do you , great warrior , have what it takes to raise the crown of Mornia above you head and bring peace to this MU Online land?

If so please...

Enter Mornia Mu Online
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In Mornia Mu Online Game Servers you will encounter countless warriors from 6 main classes, each individual more skilled than the other and while some are just starting to discover their new powers, others are learning to master them in a try to conquer the continent of MU.

The first and most common class of warriors that you will meet, is the order of the Wizards. Being blind by birth they developed a sense and skill of understanding of what is going on around them which enables them to be a mighty foe for whoever challenges them. This order has is stratified on three ranks, starting from Dark Wizard which after few time will start his journey to complete the quest of Priest Sevina and advance to Soul Master , rank which will grant him a great power against his foes. Later on, his faith will lead him to encounter Priest Devin which will send him on yet another quest and by completing this , the small Dark Wizard that once was killing spiders in Lorencia will now reach its highest rank possible and become a Grand Master. Rank which will enable him to start training and master his combat skills even more by gaining master`s level.

So whenever you see a dark wizard wondering the lands of Mornia Mu Online Continent, don’t forget that this small warrior will grow into a mighty and reasonable enemy if you do not, seek to have him by your side.

The Knight is the second warrior which has found its way into the Mu Online world. Unlike the wizard which can hit at long range, the knight has developed closed ranged combat as its specialty.

Starting wielding blades and knives from a young age , the Dark Knight rapidly advances to its second rank of Blade Knight . Upon receiving this title , a great power will be invested in him, power which will also grant him new abilities to learn and perfect his art of war.

Due to many which came over the years wars the order was torn apart. Now the Dark Knights have become a mercenary to promote their own gain. Some have roamed the land and completed quests and tasks in order to train their skill to perfection and become Blade Masters, while others continue to try and bring justice to a time of pain and suffering. However one thing is certain , this warrior is anything but weak and he will continue to master his skills until his last days on Mornia MU Online World.

The Elf is the beauty among beasts. When they have come to Mornia MU Online continent they were seeking a land which could match their beauty and grace, a land with endless green and beauty where they can train and prosper. After years and years of searching they have found Noria and established here their homes , among the tallest of the trees and wild grown flowers.

The elves learned to master the art of wood crafting and range targeting using a bow, which made them unique. Upon maturity the elf reaches its second rank becoming a Muse Elf . But with great power comes great responsibility as she now needs not only to train, but to protect the land he once grew in.

The Elves of Noria have made pacts with the other orders, upon which they call to aid them in battle.

-Who said blondes are weak ?

By the time an elf has its first major battle she already has the needed skill and knowledge to advance even more, to a greater rank. The rank of High Elf which is also known as “the protector of the land” . This rank will learn them to use enhanced magic spells to summon monsters , regenerate their health, and protect others from any foe that comes in their way in Mornia Mu Online.

Some of the Mu Online characters have mastered the art of magic at an early age. Others have mastered the way of the sword. Only a few have managed the impossible. They have mastered both sword and sorcery. These savants of might and magic are known as Magic Gladiators. The Magic Gladiators have found the secrets of casting their magic while wearing armor that may impede any sorcerer but also use blades as good as any knight.

Although his combat skills are not as complete as a pure Dark Knight or Dark Wizard, the combination of these abilities makes him a truly devastating character

Due to their mystical nature they have endless endurance and can run for great distances in Mu Online levels. Magic Gladiators are also quick learners and advance faster than other classes. For this reason their guild has only two major ranks and because few warriors managed to defeat a Magic Gladiator in duel soon the Gladiators are ready to become Duel Masters , the highest and most powerful rank in their order.

The Dark Lords are born as leaders in Mornia Mu Online universe. They were the supreme commanders of great armies and creatures of power in the golden ages. Being gifted with the power to summon the spirits of ravens and dark horses as well as their allies where they need them most ,they have managed to succeed on every battlefield.

Same as the Magic Gladiator, the Dark Lords are ordered into two ranks. While some of them have chosen to return and help the citizens to survive troubling times as the threat of Kundun grows ever nearer ,others, on the other hand have returned to seize the opportunity to gain power from the battles that are about to begin and advance to Lord Emperor .

A Lord Emperor enters combat showing his phenomenal charisma in the Mu Online battlefield. He has the power to summon the spirits of his raven and the horse to help him defeat his opponents and they are known to fight until their last breath, hoping to get the crown or Mornia Mu Online

The Summoner is the last warrior that has entered the world of Mu Online. As the land was under occupation by the warriors previously here , the summoner established itself into Elbeland, the land of strange creatures. Here is where the summoner discovered his powers which will soon bring fame upon her. By learning to use the basic skills such as drain life and reflex the summoner is now ready to advance to its second rank , Bloody Summoner.This rank not only brings her greater respect but also brings the opportunity of learning new powers and skills.

Adventuring herself into various quests she will seek and ultimately find the opportunity of reaching its most desired rank Dimension Master, which enables her to summon any living monster on the mu online continent and stun her enemies. With sleep skill ,she can venture deep into enemy territory without being harmed.

Her beauty and grace combined with the phenomenal powers they can possess, certainly makes the Summoner the greatest warrior of them all in Mornia Mu Online. Migrate Now !